Board & Management Visit

  Posted 18/03/2024   

Canyon Resources Board & Management visited Minim Martap Bauxite project from 23rd to 26th February 2024.

The team were constituted of Mr Jean Sébastien Boutet the CEO, Mr Mark Hohnen the Non-Executive Chairman and Mr Gaurav Gupta one of Non-Executive Directors of Canyon Resources. Mr Gaurav Gupta who is also the founder of  Fortuner Holding SFO, the financial and technical partner of Canyon, were accompanied with Mr Pramod Prusty, the Mining Investments President and CEO of the holding.

Upon their arrival in Cameroon, the team firstly met, in the forenoon, the project local team in Douala’s Camalco office, where some presentation and discussion were held on the ongoing exploration activities and the human resources matters. In the Afternoon, the visit were extended to the port of Douala, at the expected Ore Stockpile Area.

The following days, the visit continued on the project field areas, where exploration activities are ongoing with the Resources Definition and DFS Drilling campaigns respectively on Makan and Minim Martap Tenements.

The Board and Management finalized their visit tour at the Prime Minister’s Office in Yaoundé, where, they were received by his Excellency Mr Dion Ngute, to discuss about the project scope and expectations.

The visits were finalized on positive notes and the team left Cameroon with satisfaction that ”The best is yet to come”.