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Who we are

CAMALCO S.A is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canyon Resources Ltd, which operates in exploration activities in Cameroon. We 100% owned 3 Bauxite exploration permits located in the Adamawa Region.

Our history

From the granting of exploration permits to date, CAMALCO S.A has rapidly developed the project

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Our values


Our culture


Relationship with community


Our Project

Minim Martap Bauxite project

  • World-class bauxite project with over 1 billion tonnes of high-grade, low contaminant bauxite
  • Robust long-term project producing Direct Shipping Ore (DSO)
  • Project is located in Adamawa Region of Cameroon and situated near the main rail line linking the region to the Atlantic port of Douala.

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Jean-Sebastien Boutet

Jean-Sebastien Boutet

Chief Executive Officer Canyon Resources

Strong background in bauxite project development

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Rana Patrap Singh

Rana Patrap Singh

Chief Executive Officer Camalco

30 years of experience developing and implementing business strategies across the minerals and metals industry

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Nfon Ekoko Mukete

Nfon Ekoko Mukete

Non-Excutive Director

Mr Nfon Mukete is the paramount Ruler of the Bafaw tribe in the SW Region of Cameroon

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