Top Management Site Visit

  Posted 16/02/2024   

From 26 January 2024 to 30 January 2024, , the Top Management team, made up of Jean-Sebastien Boutet the CEO of Canyon Resources Ltd, André Henry  the General Manager of Camalco and the newly appointed Camalcos Project Director Patrice Lhuillier, visited  Minim Martap Bauxite project Area.

The purposes of this visit were to introduce Patrice Lhuillier to the site team and allow him to get his bearings in relation to the project in general and to the ongoing exploration activities. It was also a good opportunity for the team to make a courtesy visit to the Divisional Officer of Martap and to the Chief of Bobodji village, where the life base camp is located.

The stakeholders met, reiterated their full support to the project and expressed their expectation to see the mining phase start as soon as possible.