From 18th to 23th September 2023, André Henry, Camalco General Manager, accompanied with the CLO and the Senior Geologist,

made a general touring on Minim Martap project area,to visit project's stakeholders.

The purposes of these visits were to:

- Inform the stakeholders on the advancement of the project activities, specifically the status of the mining covention,
   on the upcoming activities, and on recruitment policy in place.
- Introduce Minim Martap project to the newly appointed Lamido of Tibati, Senior Divisional Officer of Djerem and
   and Divisional Officer of Tibati,

- Discuss with the Chief of Minim about the location of the futur mining life base camp.

Camalco team were also accompanied with the contractor Frint Group team for a camp survey prior to mobilize portacabins.