Partnership Agreement with FNE

  Posted 12/07/2023   

Camalco signed off, this 09th February 2023, with Fond National de l’Emploi (FNE), a partsnership agreement, which consists of:

·       Using the FNE's job seekers Database, which records more than one million job seekers, for the preselection of its recruitment process,

·       FNE working on preselecting appropriate candidate profiles for Camalco specific employment needs,

·       Getting recruitment process support from FNE experienced employment consultants

The agreement links both parties to a close collaboration and commits on the one hand  Camalco to inform the FNE on its needs in human resources specific candidates profiles, its development programs and evolution; and on the other hand FNE to inform Camalco of any program likely to interest it, undertaken by the FNE as part of its employment promotion activities and respect the free choice of Camalco in the final selection of the candidates to be recruited.

This collaboration intends to fullfill future needs of 700 to 800 direct employment and up to 1000 indirect employment of Camalco during the construction and mining phases on its Minim Martap Bauxite project.